Thursday, 11 July 2013

Outlook and Dynamics CRM2011 - Tracking Mail in Multiple Exchange Accounts

Found this handy tip here

1) Remove all additional mailboxes from Outlook, leaving just the individuals
2) Go to Control Panel -> Mail -> Show Profiles -> Select the required Profile, click properties -> E-mail Accounts... -> Create a New account (Add the Additional mailbox according to your settings)
3) Back on the account settings screen, choose the Data Files tab -> Highlight the new account you just setup -> click 'Set as Default'
4) Open Outlook (Will take some time, as it is creating a new local data file)
5) Once open, select any email -> Click 'Track'
6) You can now go to your Outlook Account settings, and set the personal account as the default
7) You should now be able to track emails in both inboxes

Tested and it's working,I can track from 2(not sure if more) Exchange accounts,no dragging and dropping or forwarding required

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