Monday, 11 April 2011

Free online storage and backup

After a family member's Notebook crashed leaving years of photos inaccesible i've been chasing down this topic as a method of protecting personal data or at least having a backup copy for posterity

2 Services have caught my eye for its quality and being free doesn't hurt at all!

Firstly on the list is Dropbox

2Gig free storage space
Online access to your files
Synchronize those files to PCs,Blackberries,Iphones etc
Easy to use web interface and synch clients
Now 2 gig is all fine and good for documents and other miscellaneous files,however a collection of photos of a few megapixels each may take a bit more space,so what do we do then?

Enter Skydrive from Microsoft

25Gig of online storage space and a 5gig Synchronized share similar to dropbox. All of this is linked to you Windows Live ID. Unfortunately they don't have a nice PC Client yet so you have to use a 3rd party tool to do things like map the storage to a network drive.

Here Gladinet saves the day,linked a tutorial from the Howtogeek to use Gladinet

I've uploaded all my important Word docs and Picture albums straight to Skydrive,and set sharing permissions to only allow my family members access. Now come any otherworldly event,my albums will be saved :)

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